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ID Document Verification

The Upload Document Verification Data API allows you to verify and extract information from various identity documents such as passports, driving licenses, and more. This API is powered by Kairos and provides a seamless way to authenticate and validate identity documents.
Base URL:


To access the API, you need to include the following headers in your request:
  • app_id: Your application's unique identifier.
  • app_key: Your application's authentication key.

Endpoint 1: Upload Document for Verification

  • Endpoint: POST /document-verification
  • Description: Upload a document image for verification and receive a UUID (unique identifier).
  • Parameters:
    • document: The identity document image file (Supported formats: JPG, PNG, PDF).

Example Request

curl $API/document-verification \
-H "app_id: $APP_ID" -H "app_key: $APP_KEY" \
-F document=@../data.jpg


  • Status Code: 201 (Created)
  • Response Body:
"api_req_uuid": "8f57d1bc-fff4-4aeb-b532-1eb4efa996ff"

Endpoint 2: Get Document Verification Data by UUID

  • Endpoint: GET /document-verification/data/{api_req_uuid}
  • Description: Retrieve data extracted from the uploaded document using the UUID obtained in the first request.
  • Parameters:
    • api_req_uuid (URL parameter): The UUID received from the first request.

Example Request

curl $API/document-verification/data/8f57d1bc-fff4-4aeb-b532-1eb4efa996ff \
-H "app_id: $APP_ID" -H "app_key: $APP_KEY"

Successful Response

  • Status Code: 200 (OK)
  • Response Body:
"requested_at": "2024-01-19 04:31:08",
"processed_at": "2024-01-19 04:31:13",
"response_code": 3,
"response_data": {
"document": {
// Extracted document data goes here...
"details": [
"description": "The document appears to be black & white photocopy. document bw(0.98) > threshold (0.00)",
"confidence": 1,
"decision": "review"

Review and Reject Scores

The review and reject scores are important components of the document verification process, indicating the confidence level and decision regarding the uploaded document:

Review Score

  • Key: confidence
  • Description: A numeric value representing the confidence level in the document verification results. Higher values typically indicate greater confidence in the accuracy of the extracted data.

Review Decision

  • Key: decision
  • Description: A string that specifies the decision regarding the document. Common values include:
    • "review": The document requires manual review. While the verification process may not have failed, there are certain factors that warrant human inspection to ensure accuracy or address potential issues.

Reject Score

  • Key: decision
  • Description: A string that specifies the decision regarding the document. Common values include:
    • "reject": The document verification failed, and the document is rejected. This indicates that the document did not meet the required criteria or could not be verified successfully.
These scores and decisions are essential for determining whether the document verification process was successful, whether manual review is necessary, or whether the document should be rejected outright based on the confidence levels and specific criteria set by the verification system.
Users can interpret these scores and decisions to take appropriate actions in their application, such as flagging documents for review, rejecting documents with low confidence scores, or processing documents with high confidence scores automatically.