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This API allows you to perform liveness verification using a selfie image. It analyzes the provided image and returns information about the detected face, including its liveness score.



  • selfie (File) - The selfie image file for liveness verification.
  • threshold (Numeric Value) - A numeric value (between 0 and 1) representing the threshold for liveness verification. The API will consider a face as live if its liveness score is greater than or equal to this threshold.


To make a liveness verification request, you can use the following curl command as an example:
curl \
-H "app_id: $APP_ID" -H "app_key: $APP_KEY" \
-F selfie=@${SELFIE} \
-F threshold=0.75
Replace $APP_ID, $APP_KEY, and ${SELFIE} with your actual credentials and the path to your selfie image.
Response (HTTP 201)
If the request is successful, you will receive a response with a status code of 201 Created and the following JSON data:
"requested_at": "2024-01-19 04:46:16",
"processed_at": "2024-01-19 04:46:19",
"response_code": 0,
"response_data": {
"img_width": 788,
"img_height": 901,
"faces_predicted": [
"top_left": {
"x": 202.61837768554688,
"y": 228.93304443359375
"delta": {
"x": 326.78851318359375,
"y": 380.82537841796875
"confidence": 1
"faces_liveness": 0.999810516834259

Other Responses

  • 5xx: Server errors may occur, and the server will respond with an appropriate 5xx status code. In this case, please check your request and try again later.
  • 4xx: Authentication failures may result in a 4xx status code. Make sure you have provided valid app_id and app_key in the request headers.
  • 403: If limits are exceeded, you may receive a 403 Forbidden status code indicating that you have reached a usage limit. Check your account limits and consider upgrading your plan if needed.